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Zinc Die Casting Precautions For Processing
- May 17, 2017 -

 Zinc Die Casting The first aspect: zinc alloy die-casting in accordance with the proportion of metal, this ratio is prescribed. Zinc as the main metal, and then add a certain amount of aluminum, magnesium, copper smelting the production of zinc alloy ingots needed, which is qualified alloy die casting basic.

 The second aspect: zinc alloy die-casting production of raw materials in the furnace, the proportion of old and new raw materials should be 7: 3, which is the best ratio, can reduce the zinc alloy recast the loss of aluminum.

 Zinc Die Casting The third aspect: raw materials after the production, melting nozzle material, to control the temperature does not exceed four hundred and thirty degrees Celsius. Avoid high temperature, the unnecessary loss of metal. As well as the production of electroplating waste can be separately into the furnace recast.

 The fourth aspect: all die-casting production plant is best concentrated work, the same melting furnace under the zinc alloy ingot. This will not only reduce the cost of melting, but also the flux has the greatest utilization to ensure that each process are accurate.

 The fifth aspect: can not increase the cost of zinc alloy die-casting, pay attention to storage in a ventilated, non-humid, clean and clean warehouse, but also strictly control the storage of the warehouse to prevent impurities.

  Zinc Die Casting Aluminum alloy die castings instead of iron die castings, doing so will reduce the weight of parts by half. That's why automatic equipment manufacturers make aluminum replace iron pieces. Automatic equipment manufacturers favorite aluminum is the 300 series, is a mixture of silicon and a small amount of magnesium alloy.

      The use of silicone casting elements helps to provide the flowability, which also helps to cast into thinner parts. The product must consider a lot of things before the processing assessment, the aluminum industry to confirm compliance with quality standards? Is it possible to make use of existing technology? What kind of tools and machines are needed to make the conceptualized product?

      Various other components in the machinery industry can also be used for construction equipment. An important feature of aluminum and its alloys is that it exhibits an infinite fatigue strength compared to ferroalloy, which reduces the fatigue strength of the aluminum alloy, which requires the design of an increase in the number of stress cycles. In order to obtain high quality castings have a variety of processes to follow, and casting the process, must follow some precautions should be taken.

     Zinc Die Casting It is important to ensure that the product has the correct flow rate of porosity. Die casting is suitable for producing smaller parts. However, when using expensive manufacturing equipment castings weigh 5KG-50kg. Can be cost-effective only through large-scale production. Die casting may have a close tolerance and finishing surface.

      Zinc Die Casting Into the other metal molds, under a lot of pressure is made of metal castings. High pressure under rapid injection and rapid solidification, so that fine grain surface, resulting in the best wear resistance and fatigue resistance. Aluminum alloy die castings are generally not heat treated so that they can not be welded.