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Top Quality Copper Castings
- Mar 04, 2017 -

Copper Castings  Basic Info
Material: Copper
Surface Treatment: Coat-Plating
Average Wall Thickness: >3mm
Certification: SGS
Surface Ttreatment: Polishing, Anodising, Powder Coating etc
Export Markets: Global
Transport Package: Standard Exporting Package
Origin:Wuxi China
Application:Hardware,Industrial copper tube castings for water pump,Copper castings of impeller,Copper castings of pump body
Demoulding: Automatic
Using Hardness: >HRC45
Mould Life: >1,000,000 shots
Weight: Ranging From 0.01 Kg to 100kg

Common Alloys in Die Casting
Aluminum alloys and Copper alloys are the materials predominantly used in die-casting. On the other hand, pure Aluminum is rarely cast due to high shrinkage, and susceptibility to hot cracking. It is alloyed with Silicon, which increases melt fluidity, reduces machinability. Copper is another alloying element, which increases hardness, reduces ductility, and reduces corrosion resistance

Die-castings are typically limited from 20 kg (55 lb) max. For Magnesium, to 35 kg (77 lb) max. For Zinc. Large copper castings tend to have greater porosity problems, due to entrapped air, and the melt solidifying before it gets to the furthest extremities of the die-cast cavity. The porosity problem can be somewhat overcome by vacuum die casting.
From a design point of view, it is best to design parts with uniform wall thicknesses and cores of simple shapes. Heavy sections cause cooling problems, trapped gases causing porosity. All corners should be radiused generously to avoid stress concentration. Draft allowance should be provided to all for releasing the parts-these are typically ; Per side depending on the material.


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