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Stainless Steel Glossary
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Informally, stainless steel is steel not rust easily, actually part of the stainless steel, stainless and acid resistant (corrosion resistance). Stainless steel does not rust and corrosion are chromium-rich oxide film on its surface (film) formation. This does not rust and corrosion resistance is relative.

Tests show that steel in weak medium such as air, water and nitric acid oxidizing medium, its corrosion resistance increases as the water content of chromium in steel, when the chromium content reaches a certain percentage, the steel corrosion resistance mutations, that is, from rust to difficult to rust and never corrosion resistance to corrosion. Many classification methods of stainless steel. By at room temperature Xia of organization structure classification, has horse's size, and Austrian's size, and ferrite and double phase stainless steel; by main chemical components classification, basically can is divided into chrome stainless steel and chrome nickel stainless steel two big system; by uses points is has resistance nitric acid stainless steel, and resistance sulfuric acid stainless steel, and resistance seawater stainless steel and so on, by resistance corrosion type points can is divided into resistance points corrosion stainless steel, and resistance stress corrosion stainless steel, and resistance Crystal between corrosion stainless steel,; by function features classification and can is divided into no magnetic stainless steel, and easy cutting stainless steel, and low temperature stainless steel, and high strength stainless steel and so on. Because of the stainless steel material with excellent corrosion resistance and formability, compatibility as well as strength and toughness over a wide temperature range, such as series features, so in the heavy industry, light industry, household goods industries as well as construction and decoration industries were made in a wide range of applications.