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Stainless Steel Font In Order To Survive
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Market in March domestic stainless steel coil shock adjustment market channels. NI Japan earthquake and Libya instability and other reasons, the price fluctuates quite frequently, making stainless steel spot prices following adjustments. March 304 cold rolled stainless steel spot prices on the way down in the second half, second half of shock adjustment.

Domestic banks raise interest rates in February, and in March raised its deposit reserve rate, tightening of monetary policy makes most merchants capital chain tension in the market, market confidence as nickel prices continued falling pessimism, markets throw at cheap price happens, downstream users of procurement there has been no clear improvement among the market's weakness. Downstream users purchasing enthusiasm has been tepid, weak market demand and financial pressures, the market price in the downlink channel, Wuxi, Foshan both decreases were more than thousand Yuan late last month. According to statistics, as of month-end market in Wuxi 304 cold rolled steel price in 24700 Yuan/ton, compared with the late February 26700 Yuan/ton by 2000 Yuan/ton; markets in Foshan 304 cold rolled steel price in RMB 24800 per ton, compared with the end of 2 month 26500-1700 Yuan per ton.

From message surface view, although Libya of chaos situation still in continued, but its on metal price of effect has reflect in zhiqian of price trend in the, and Middle East other producers of situation more stable, in must degree Shang ease has market on oil supply of concerns, if Libya and the other Middle East producers situation no further of substantive deterioration, material its not on metal produced more big of bad effect. Market attention will also be drawn to the beginning of the beginning of April the European Central Bank raised interest rates and the question of whether Europe's debt problems revived.