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Stainless Steel Castings Production
- Jan 16, 2017 -

So-called melt die casting process, simple said is with easy melt material (for example wax material or plastic) made can melt sex model (referred to melt die or model), in its Shang coated covered several layer special of refractory paint, after dry and hardening formed a overall type shell Hou, again with steam or hot from type shell in the melt off model, then put type shell placed sand box in the, in its around fill dry sand styling, last will cast into roasting furnace in the after high temperature roasting (as used high strength type shell Shi, can without styling and will release Hou of type shell directly roasting), After roasting, the mold or shell, which are casting pouring molten metal.

Melt die casting size precision high, General can up CT4-6 (sand type casting for CT10~13, die-cast for CT5~7), certainly due to melt die casting of process process complex, effect casting size precision of factors more, for example die material of contraction, and melt die of deformation, and type shell in heating and cooling process in the of line volume changes, and alloy of contraction rate and in solidification process in the casting of deformation,, so general melt die casting of size precision although high, but its consistency still needed improve (used in the, and High temperature wax casting size consistency a lot quicker).

When pressing investment using cavity pressure with high surface finish, therefore, investment of the high surface finish. In addition, shell made of high temperature resistant special Binder and mixture of fire-resistant coatings of refractory coating on the investment made, direct contact with molten metal within the cavity surface finish. Therefore, investment castings, castings of high surface finish of, can reach Ra.1.6~3.2 μ m.