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Some Questions On Foundry Materials And Casting Methods Of Brass Castings
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Castings, the use of different metals, then, there will be different names, but its attributes, or in the casting of this large range, so, based on this, in order to let everyone have a better understanding and understanding, In its specific category, the following, will be for the cast of brass castings, to carry out its description, so that we learn, it is familiar with, rather than ignorant.


1. What is the main cause of brass castings on cast materials?

Brass castings, which are cast on the material, are mainly cast for brass one, so its castings can be called brass castings. And, this kind of casting application is also very wide, because it is in the machinery manufacturing, aviation, construction and automotive industries, are available. Moreover, its non-ferrous metal materials, is a certain weight, can not be ignored.


2. Brass castings, which use the cast brass, which metal elements? In addition, is it possible to carry out pressure processing?

Brass castings, which are used in the casting brass, its metal elements, mainly aluminum, iron and manganese and other alloying elements, and aluminum can improve the hardness of the alloy, manganese can improve the strength of the alloy, and iron, you can Improve the corrosion resistance of the alloy. However, due to the high strength and low plasticity of the cast, it is not possible to carry out the pressure processing, so in the question two, the answer is not possible.


3. What are the specific methods for the brass for casting castings? In addition, casting brass and casting bronze, there is a difference?

Brass castings, which in the specific method, is based on different circumstances to select and determine, and most of its use of test pull casting, but for some large brass castings, is the use of sand casting this one. And casting brass and cast bronze, they are different, mainly in the alloying elements used, as well as in the mechanical properties, use and casting name, is not the same, the former is for the brass casting, the latter Is for bronze casting.

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