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Proper Use Of Cast Iron Chips Is Worthy Of Attention
- Mar 30, 2018 -

At present, the price of cast iron is high, and the future price trend is still bullish, which has become an important factor affecting the development of China's foundry industry. In recent years in our country, on the other hand, many foundries are configured processing equipment, all or most of the casting after rough machining and processing after delivery, many foundries are faced with the problem of how to deal with a large amount of chip.

Correctly using cast iron scraps, can not only realize the material recycle, save resources, reduce production cost, under the condition of use induction furnace melting, also helps to improve the quality of gray cast iron metallurgy.

When smelting gray iron by induction furnace, the oxygen content in iron liquor is low. If the low oxygen levels below 0.001%, the iron liquid can be used as external crystal nucleus in the oxide compounds and oxygen, sulfur compound is very few, iron liquid of inoculation response ability is insufficient, the organization of gray cast iron is easy to appear the D type, E type graphite.

The surface area of the chip is large, and the surface has the oxide film, with 20 ~ 30% of the chip in the furnace, which can improve the oxygen content in the molten iron liquid, thereby improving the metallurgical quality of gray cast iron. This view has been confirmed by the practical experience of many foundries at home and abroad.