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Process Of Stainless Steel Castings
- May 08, 2017 -

The process of investment casting, simply is made of fusible  material (such as wax or plastic) made of meltability model (referred to  as investment or model), on which a number of layers of special  refractory coating, after drying and hardening Forming  a whole shell, and then steam or hot water from the shell melt off the  model, and then put the shell in the sand box, filled with dry sand in  its shape, and finally the mold into the roasting furnace after high  temperature Roasting (such as the use of high-strength shell, you can not shape  the mold after the shell directly roasting), casting or shell by firing,  pouring molten metal in which castings.
  The accuracy of die casting is high, generally up to CT4-6 (sand casting for the  CT10 ~ 13, die-casting for the CT5 ~ 7), of course, due to the complex  investment casting process, the impact of casting size accuracy factors,  such as mold The  shrinkage of the material, the deformation of the investment mold, the  change in the amount of the shell during the heating and cooling, the  shrinkage of the alloy, and the deformation of the casting during the  solidification process. Therefore, although the dimensional accuracy of  the conventional investment casting is higher Consistency still needs to be improved (using medium and high temperature wax casting size uniformity to improve a lot).
When pressing the mold, the cavity surface finish is high, so the surface finish of the investment mold is relatively high. In  addition, the shell is made of high-temperature special adhesive and  refractory coating refractory coating coated on the investment in the  mold made in direct contact with the molten metal cavity surface finish  high. Therefore, the casting surface roughness than the general casting of the high, generally up to Ra.1.6 ~ 3.2μm.