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Precision High Pressure Centrifugal Casting From Supplier
- Mar 04, 2017 -

Aluminum Alloy Centrifugal Castings   Basic Info
Die Casting Method: Precision Die Casting,Centrifugal casting
Machining: CNC Machining
Surface Preparation: Anodize, Painting
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Manufacturing Process: Die Casting, Option Gravity Casting, Centrifugal casting,Low-pressure castings
Machining Process: CNC Machining/ Lathing/ Milling/ Turning
Surface Treatment: Anodize, Painting
Package: Multiplayer Wood Box/Pallet, with Big Plastic Bag
Transport Package: Multiply Wood Box with Big Plastic Bag Inside
Origin: Wuxi China
Die Casting Machine Type: Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Pressure Chamber Structure: Vertical
Casting Tolerance:  Aluminum Casting
Machining Tolerance: up to It7, Ra 0.8~3.2, According to Customer Req
Rough Surface Roughness: Ra3.2-25

Product Description

 Precision High Pressure Centrifugal Die Casting From Supplier 

Item Name

 Precision High Pressure Centrifugal Die Casting From Supplier 

 General Products       

 Application/Service Area


Metal Parts Solution for Vehicle, Agriculture machine, Construction Machine, 

transportation equipment, Valve and Pump system, Agriculture machine 

metal Parts, engine bracket, truck chassis bracket, gear box , gear housing , 

gear cover, shaft, spline shaft , pulley, flange, connection pipe, pipe, 

hydraulic valve, valve housing ,Fitting , flange, wheel, fly wheel, 

oil pump housing, starter housing, coolant pump housing, transmission 

shaft , transmission gear, sprocket, chains etc.


 Main blank Process for Aluminum Casting

Die Casting, Permanent Molding /Gravity Casting, Low-pressure castings, 

High Pressure Casting/Sand Casting, Extrusion Casting etc.

 Blanks Tolerance -Casting  Tolerance


CT4-6 for Permanent Molding, Die Casting, CT 9-11 for Sand Casting

 Applicable Material for casting


A356.0/ZL101,GAlSi7Mg  (3.2371.61)/AlSi7Mg/, A-S7G, Al Si Alloy,  Al Cu Alloy ZL201 Al Mg Alloy ZL301,ZL302,  

Al Zn Alloy ZL401Zn Alloy Zamak 3, Zamak 5, Zamak 7, Zamak 2

Or according to customer requirements


 Casting Blank Size  /Dimensions

2 mm-1500mm / 0.08inch-60inch , or according to customer requirements

 Casting Blank Weight

Range from 0.01kg-50kg

 Applicable Machining Process


CNC Machining/ Lathing/ Milling/ Turning/ Boring/ Drilling/ Tapping/ 

Broaching/Reaming /Grinding/Honing and  etc.


 Machining Tolerance

From 0.005mm-0.01mm-0.1mm

 Machined Surface Quality

Ra 0.8-Ra3.2 according to customer requirement

 Applicable Heat Treatment


 Applicable Finish Surface  Treatment

Shot/sand blast, polishing,  Primer Painting , Powder coating, ED- Coating,  

Finish Painting, Anodize (White or Black Color)

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