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Market Recovery 2018 Machine Tool Casting Industry Is Expected To Improve
- May 07, 2018 -

In 2017, driven by favorable policies, the machine tool industry began to improve, resulting in a domino effect. The market demand of machine tool casting industry is expected to start to recover in 2018.

According to the statistics, the output of metal cutting machine tools in China from February to October in 2017 is 645 thousand, with a year-on-year growth of 7.3%.

The machine tool casting market is driven by the demand of the machine tool industry, showing the recovery growth. Although the order is still insufficient, this year is optimistic compared with 2017.

According to the survey of 15 machine tool casting enterprises by the casting association of China foundry association, the overall situation of the industry is still serious. Although production has picked up in 2017, there is still a gap between capacity and capacity.

From below, you can see that the machine tool foundry enterprises failed to reach 2017 annual capacity, 10 companies in 2017, more than 2016 annual production increased slightly, 3 companies in 2017, the annual production of 2016 flat, 2 companies in 2017, the annual production of 2016. It can be seen that the market of machine tool castings began to show a recovery. According to the survey, all enterprises are optimistic about the situation and budget of 2018.

Market recovery 2018 machine tool casting industry is expected to improve.

A large number of enterprises that fail to meet the standards of environmental protection have been shut down, and some foundry enterprises have made false peak production. In 2017, with strict implementation of national environmental protection policy, the country more, especially around Beijing and Yangtze river delta region of the eia, environmental protection falls below a large number of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises shut down, other foundry enterprises are implementing peak production according to the season. On July 31, 2017, the China foundry association issued "atmospheric pollutant emission limits in foundry industry", the standard on October 1, 2017 implementation, for the foundry enterprises provides theory basis for energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental governance.

Market recovery 2018 machine tool casting industry is expected to improve.

2~ October 2017 national metal cutting machine output.

Market recovery 2018 machine tool casting industry is expected to improve.

Comparison of output and capacity of enterprises in 2016 and 2017.

In the whole machinery industry, the foundry industry belongs to the industry with high energy consumption and serious pollution, and the casting industry consumes 25%~30% of the total energy consumption of the machinery industry. The most serious environmental pollution in the production process is solid waste and air pollution. The dust, waste gas and noise produced in the casting industry will cause some pollution to the surrounding environment.

Along with the social improvement of public environmental consciousness, the state environmental protection laws and regulations more strictly to the requirement of environmental protection, casting industry issued by the implementation of the environmental protection standard, will press for large-scale machine tool castings production enterprises to improve energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental management efforts, began to develop in the direction of healthy competition.

However, affected by factors such as high raw material prices, in 2017, machine casting industry situation is still not optimistic, all machine tool foundry enterprises are facing the survival and the huge pressure of industrial upgrading.

Machine tool foundry enterprises the same as the other foundry enterprises, the main raw materials for production and operation of pig iron and scrap steel, resin, curing agent, such as the fluctuation in the price of raw materials will be the main products of the enterprise sales pricing have an impact. Although these unfavorable factors can transfer by adjusting the product price fluctuations in the price of raw materials, but due to numerous domestic foundry enterprises, excess capacity, some enterprises in order to maintain market share, mining internal potential for only a part of the digestion. Raw material price fluctuations, therefore, will cause the decline in the machine tool foundry enterprises operating performance, have a certain impact to the enterprise survival, this also is bound to bring a new round of industry shuffling.