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Four Kinds Aluminum Alloy Castings
- May 08, 2017 -

According to the main alloying elements there are four types of cast aluminum alloy.
(1) aluminum-silicon alloy, also known as "silicon aluminum" or "silicon aluminum". Good  casting performance and wear resistance, thermal expansion coefficient  is small, in the casting of aluminum alloy in the largest variety, the  largest amount of alloy, silicon content of 4% to 13%. Sometimes  add 0.2% to 0.6% magnesium silicon aluminum alloy, widely used in  structural parts, such as shell, cylinder, box and frame. Sometimes add the right amount of copper and magnesium, can improve the mechanical properties of the alloy and heat resistance. Such alloys are widely used in the manufacture of piston and other components.
(2)  aluminum-copper alloy, copper 4.5% ~ 5.3% alloy to enhance the best  effect, the appropriate addition of manganese and titanium can  significantly improve the room temperature, high temperature strength  and casting performance. Mainly used for the production of large, static load and shape is not complicated sand casting.
(3)  aluminum-magnesium alloy, the smallest density (2.55g / cm3), the  highest strength (355MPa or so) of the cast aluminum alloy, containing  12% magnesium, the best effect of strengthening. The alloy has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and  seawater, and has good comprehensive mechanical properties and  machinability at room temperature. It can be used as radar base,  aircraft engine casing, propeller, landing gear and other parts, but  also for decoration materials.
(4)  aluminum zinc alloy, in order to improve the performance often add  silicon, magnesium, often referred to as "zinc silicon aluminum." In the casting conditions, the alloy has quenching effect, that is, "self-quenching." Without heat treatment can be used to deterioration heat treatment, the casting has a higher strength. After stabilization, the size of stability, commonly used in the production model, plate and equipment, such as stent.