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Copper Sleeve Must Have The Process Requirements
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Copper bushing with high hardness, good wear resistance, not easy to produce the phenomenon of bite the phenomenon. As the copper sleeve there is loose porous metal structure, in the electroplating process, must be strict process requirements:
(1) the cleaning process to thoroughly, to prevent the residual solution in the pores of the next process.
(2) silver plating, must be charged under the slot, the impact of current density in the shaking of the workpiece under the premise of plating 5min, and then to the normal current density.
(3) The actual surface area of copper bushings is many times larger than the calculated surface area, and the impact current density is about three times higher than that of the general parts. The pre-plating time is longer than that of the general parts.
(4) pre-copper plating, the parts linked together to always shake about to ensure that the coating color uniformity, to prevent the silver plating when the phenomenon of the appearance of the appearance of the quality of the coating.

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