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Casting Technology Of Different Kinds Of Copper Castings And Its Special Processing Technology
- Jun 29, 2017 -

The copper casting is made of copper or copper alloy as a raw material and is made by a metal casting method. This casting process can accelerate the solidification of the copper alloy, thus playing an important role in improving the quality of the copper casting and reducing the casting defects.

For copper castings, metal casting can be subdivided grain, reduce the pores, improve the mechanical properties of the alloy and air tightness. Especially in the lead-bronze and other high-lead copper alloy, the use of metal casting, to prevent the segregation of copper components. However, the casting process contains many types, taking into account most of the copper castings are cylindrical parts, so the majority of centrifugal casting method.

And some large copper castings can also be used low pressure casting method to improve the density of the alloy and reduce the castings in the casting process of inclusions; some copper alloy can also be used pressure casting method. It can be seen, in the casting method, the copper castings in addition to sand casting, but also widely used metal casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and graphite casting and other special casting technology.

In addition to the casting process of copper casting, we should be interested in copper casting some special processing technology, with the technical requirements of copper, these special processing technology has also been developed, such as high-precision shaped copper, ultra-thin Electrolytic copper foil, internal oxidation of the film to strengthen, a variety of metals, laser surface strengthening, semi-solid molding, special-shaped casting, micro-particles to strengthen particle control.

To high-precision shaped copper belt, for example, first through the hole rolling, milling, high-speed forging, etc. to produce special-shaped section of the blank, and then by high-precision rolling. In order to ensure the successful completion of the special processing technology of copper castings, the key is in high precision rolling, must ensure that the thick edge and thin extension coefficient is equal, or special-shaped plate can not meet the needs of users.


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