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Casting Of Cast Steel
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Cast steel is made of cast steel products, then, cast steel is how to cast it? Here, we come to learn more about the casting method of cast steel bar!
Cast steel smelting generally use flat furnace, electric arc furnace and induction furnace. The advantage of the furnace is the large capacity, the use of scrap as raw materials, can accurately control the composition of steel and can melt high-quality steel and low alloy steel, used for smelting high quality, large steel casting with molten steel. Electric furnace furnace opening and shutdown operation is easy to ensure that the composition and quality of molten steel, the requirements of the furnace is not very strict, easy to heat up, it can refining high-quality steel, high-grade alloy steel and special steel, is the production of cast steel products of commonly used equipment.
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