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Casting Advantages
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Biggest advantage of investment casting is due to investment castings with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, so you can reduce mechanical machining work, but high requirements on the part of the site remain a little machining allowance can, even some of the cast just grinding, polishing pad can be used without machining. Thus, using investment casting method can save a lot of machine tool equipment and processing time, significant savings in metallic materials.

Another advantage of investment casting method is, it can be complex castings of cast alloys, special cast Superalloy castings. Such as Jet engine blades, its sleek outline and cooling cavity, with the machining process can hardly be formed. Produced by investment casting process can not only be mass production, ensure the consistency of the casting, and avoids the stress concentration of mechanical processing residues after Knife Sheath.