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Cast Aluminum Smelting Process Pack Order And Reasonable Adjustments
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Molding aluminum castings have a certain shape and performance, provided for appropriate follow-up, can be made into a cast aluminum handicrafts. Melting is one based approach, taking into account the particularity of the aluminum alloy castings, which melt when you want to follow some principles.

It is understood that between the melting point of aluminum is at 550-630, the pouring temperature is usually 650-750 ℃. As the temperature rises, inhale and metal oxide of aluminum is increasing, in cast aluminum smelting process, therefore, the molten metal temperature to no more than 800 ℃.

In addition to temperature control, as well as to avoid stirring often, so as to reduce the oxidation of molten metal. In addition, cast aluminum melting of charge order to ensure quick melting loss, reducing elements, increasing the productivity of the furnace has a great relationship, so filling in the correct order.

When we are in aluminium and alloys are melted, first mount the aluminum, then add alloy; when the furnace has adequate capacity to mount several charging at the same time, you should first mount a similar melting point components, other ingredients added to it.

When melting is made of prefabricated alloy split, will first load of prefabricated alloy chain, and then add the desired amount of aluminum and alloys. For those prone to burning and low melting point of burden, to be joined in the back, so as to avoid premature accession on the adverse consequences of quality aluminum castings.

In the continuous melting Crucible within the remaining part of liquid aluminum and enable it to accelerate the next furnace melting. When covering flux is used, add flux to charge when it begins to melt. Thus, melting different, specific details are different.