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Analysis Of Hardware And Electromechanical Industry Situation And Development Trend In China
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Hardware or hardware mechanical and electrical industry, although not a sunrise industry, but it is not a sunset industry, with the expansion of industry, small industry development for large industry, small product development for large products, change or transform traditional products, research and development function, high-efficiency products, continue to grow.

Domestic and international economic situation and background of international industrial development

In global economic integration of form Xia, global economic crisis also not completely dissipated, developed economic slow recovery, global economic side austerity, and side expansion, global economic development not balance, complex factors than more, due to on resources of compete for, capital markets tide up tide fell, are on global economic brings effect, China economic of high-speed development, economic over Japan, equivalent to United States of one-third, "Twelve-Five" Hou, China economic will reached United States of one-second, China active development manufacturing industry, Vigorously develop new industries, adjusting the industrial structure and transformation of the development pattern, energy saving and emission reduction, pay attention to people's livelihood.

International industry development background, a, world economic will keep growth, global industry structure accelerated development, its features a, manufacturing of international transfer also will continued; II, services outsourcing flourish, appeared globalization phenomenon; three, development globalization and local of trend obviously, high-tech industry international transfer speed up; four, behind chain transfer sex obviously, Enterprise ecological environment more important; five, North America of United States, and European of Germany, and Asia of Japan, China Taiwan, improve has hardware industry of production level, computer technology of application , More is great of improve has hardware products of performance; six, whole industry small, and bulk, and weak, and low status still exists, so-called small, refers to industry scale small; so-called bulk, enterprise number more, and repeat construction more, and products posted brand more, with quality of competition serious; so-called weak, strength weak, capital management weak, lack management talent and technology talent; so-called low, products added value and grade low, missing connotation.