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Aluminum Die Casting Approach
- May 17, 2017 -

 Aluminum Die Casting Now the community in the continuous development of the use of aluminum die casting has become very wide, the product in the oil, industrial and mineral industries in the use of very much, in our daily life such as aluminum die casting mainly used in the car, so Many people will put the car die cast to separate out.

      Aluminum die castings appear traces of its traces are mainly along the mold direction casting surface was line-like, if the traces of a certain depth, serious can be the whole surface of the injury. The die surface of the aluminum die casting and the adhesion of the molten metal will cause the surface of the casting to be out of stock.

      The reason for the main cause of the aluminum die casting is that the mold cavity is damaged or the inclination is too small in the direction of the mold, and the balance occurs when the die is ejected, or because the mold is loose The situation caused by the.

      Aluminum die casting treatment is the need for timely repair of its mold surface damage, trim the mold slope, so that it can improve the mold surface finish, in the adjustment of the mandrel when the balance of the top of the force.

      Aluminum die casting in the use of the time need to control the casting mold, so that the mold temperature of 200 degrees, in the control of the time need to precisely control the temperature, so the need for the use of aluminum die-casting mold temperature machine.

      Aluminum die casting in the use of a period of time after the need to replace the release agent in a timely manner, and then in a reasonable adjustment of its aluminum alloy iron content and cooling time, the finished product gate need to be modified in a timely manner.

  Aluminum die casting in the course of the use of its internal quality testing and experimental methods are directly using its non-destructive testing and X-ray photos for a comprehensive inspection and profile, aluminum die casting quality inspection needs to meet their national standards Regulations.

      Aluminum die casting in the process of purchase requires the manufacturer to provide a product inspection that the product in the course of the use of each batch of die casting inspection are required to meet the requirements of its standard, qualified casting in the process of delivery In the need to be accompanied by a certificate of inspection.

      The product number, quantity, alloy grade, and delivery status of the aluminum die casting are required to verify the mark and delivery time. If the test of the special item is present, it is necessary to show the result and condition on the certificate of conformity.

      Aluminum die-casting in the process of packaging need to be strong, so as to ensure good from the storage period of cleaning and security, the product should be marked on the box name of its products, the number of manufacturing date and the name of the transceiver.

      Aluminum die castings need to be stored in a ventilated, dry and non-corrosive gas environment after completion of processing. The aluminum material used in the product has very good plasticity and flowability during use, so the product can be made of complex The product.

      Aluminum die casting processing with high accuracy and the surface finish of the product is very high, in such a degree can greatly reduce the casting of the machining capacity, effectively reducing the labor intensity of the device, when processing Can save material, save electricity