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Alkaline Etching Of Aluminum Castings?
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Among metals, other than stainless steel does not rust easily, other materials are under the influence of certain factors have rust, aluminum casting, too. In order to ensure the quality of aluminum castings, must be alkali treatment.

In production process of aluminum castings, alkaline etching process has become an essential part of one of the artifacts caused by scrap to prevent problems. Aluminum castings in the manufacturing process, in addition to the free silicon, also metal compounds or other inclusions for casting made of loose reason, so uneven in the chemical composition of the phenomenon.

Also, when no cooling after the casting of raw side will form a dense film. Due to the alkaline etching time is short, so casting is not completely clean and alkali corrosion of cast aluminum parts dissolve faster, alkaline will cause excessive corrosion of cast aluminum parts.