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Whether the water pump copper pipe castings can be welded and its parameter relationship
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Copper tube castings for water pump is a kind of castings, but it is mainly used in the water pump, and is the casting for the formation of brass, therefore, will have the name of the The Then, on its understanding and understanding, will be on this basis, to continue to go on, so that we can also some of the harvest and inspiration, at least, will not be ignorant of this kind of casting.


1. Can the water pump copper tubing castings be operated?

Water pump copper tubing castings, which can be carried out by welding operations, so on this issue, the answer is yes, and, depending on the situation, it is possible to choose a different welding method and type. For example, if the wall thickness is thin, then you can use hydrogen arc welding or gas welding, and thick wall thickness, then you can preheat, and then welding, welding methods, there are hand arc welding, gas welding, and MIG welding and so on.


2.Water pump copper tube castings on the choice of whether to take into account the length of copper pipe and the head of the two?

The choice of water pump copper tube castings is to take into account the length of the copper pipe and the head of both, and this is also must be taken into account because the pump head is its vertical height, pipe loss and outlet pressure The sum of these three, so, in consideration of factors, the diameter, pump flow and the head of the three, must be taken into account. Therefore, will have the above conclusions.


3. In the water pump, whether the larger diameter of its copper tube cast, the lower the head? In addition, there is a relationship between them, then, copper tube diameter is too small, what will bring the consequences?

In the water pump, the copper pipe is the larger its caliber, then the lower the head, and vice versa is the opposite, so it can be said that the water pump copper pipe diameter and pump head between the inverse relationship is, and there is a great relationship The Therefore, in the question two, the answer is: water pump copper pipe casting diameter is too small, it will increase the resistance of the pipeline, making the pipeline flow and head down.

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