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When the copper sleeve is used better
- Oct 10, 2017 -

We all know that the copper sleeve is a kind of sliding friction machine used to reduce the friction while driving thrust and play a role in supporting the fixed parts. And when it is better to use it, we follow Xiaobian to understand it

1. Copper sleeve should be used after heat treatment, because the strength of copper, especially plasticity and toughness decreased, copper sets must be normalized or annealed. Normalizing the copper after treatment, the machine performance in the high cost after annealing also low, so the application is very extensive. However, the normalizing treatment resulted in a relatively large internal force of annealing, which was only applicable to copper pieces with a carbon content of 0.35%.

2. Low-carbon copper pieces of plasticity, easy to break when cooling. Internal force becomes smaller, copper Zhang normal fire, but also high temperature tempering. Complex structure and easy to crack the copper pieces can only be carried out, annealing treatment. Copper pieces should not be quenched, or easily cracked.


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