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What dimensions does the dimensional accuracy of axial flow fan castings depend on?
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Many parts of the axial fan are stainless steel castings. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the fan, in addition to the quality and performance of the parts, the dimensional accuracy is one of the parameter indicators that can not be ignored. What are the factors that usually affect the dimensional accuracy of the axial flow fan castings?

Most of the castings are the same, the dimensional accuracy and castings of the structure, material, mold, shell, roasting, pouring and other aspects of axial flow fan castings, of course, no exception. So in order to produce high-precision axial flow fan casting, it is necessary to adjust these aspects.

Axial flow fan castings

Axial flow fan castings structure, in fact, refers to the casting wall thickness, compression rate and other properties, under normal circumstances the two are proportional relationship. In other words, is the axial flow fan castings wall thickness, then the compression rate will be large, otherwise the opposite.

If the stainless steel is the case, the carbon content of which will lead to axial flow fan castings in the casting time to get different dimensional accuracy. Usually the higher the carbon content of the material, the smaller the line shrinkage, and vice versa.

In the molding process of axial flow fan castings, mold making, shelling and roasting are indispensable links, so they are in close contact with the size of the casting. In the mold making process, the main factors involved are wax temperature, the storage time of the investment mold, and the wax pressure, the holding time and so on. 

Although the axial flow fan castings in the shell and roasting these two links, will produce a certain coefficient of expansion, but because the coefficient is very small, it is usually ignored. In short, to improve the size of axial flow fan castings precision, as far as possible to reduce the error, we must rational design structure, the use of high quality materials, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation process.

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