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What are the characteristics of the Copper alloy casting process?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

The copper alloys of various compositions have different crystallization characteristics, and the casting properties of copper alloys are different, and the casting process characteristics are also different. The crystallization of tin bronze is characterized by a large crystallization temperature range and a wide solidification zone. Therefore, the casting process of such a copper alloy is characterized by directional solidification of wall thickness parts, and simultaneous solidification of complex thin-walled parts and general wall thickness parts.


Due to the small crystallization temperature range of aluminum bronze and aluminum brass, it is characterized by layer-by-layer solidification. Therefore, the Copper alloy casting process is characterized by the aluminum bronze casting system being the bottom injection type and the aluminum brass casting system being open. The crystalline characteristic of silicon brass is between tin bronze and aluminum bronze. The Copper alloy casting process is characterized by sequential solidification process, medium-injection gating system, and the size of the dark riser is small.


Brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the main additive element. It has a beautiful yellow color and good cold workability. The brass alloy containing zinc in the range of 36 to 42% is composed of a solid solution. In order to improve the performance of ordinary brass, Other elements are often added, such as aluminum, nickel, manganese, tin, silicon, lead, etc. Brass castings are commonly used to make valves and pipe fittings, etc., which are cast from copper alloys.