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What are the applications and processes of aluminum pressure casting?
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Aluminum pressure casting is the use of aluminum materials for die-casting operation to get finished or parts of the process known as aluminum pressure casting. Aluminum pressure casting from a professional point of view is the use of die-casting machines and other machinery and equipment, the liquid Aluminum pressure casting, you want to shape or size of the parts or parts. Finished products are generally referred to as aluminum die castings. If the aluminum material is aluminum alloy , its parts, known as the aluminum alloy pressure casting.

The specific application of aluminum pressure casting, mainly in some of the more complex and more difficult on the die casting. Because, aluminum mobility and plasticity is very good, so, will have this application. Moreover, the casting surface finish, is also very good. Therefore, it is in the automotive, transmission machinery, precision instruments and power construction and other industries, is widely used.

Aluminum pressure casting, its in the specific process, there are many, of which there are four kinds of base craft, is for annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. And, it is die in the "four fire". Among them, quenching and tempering has a close relationship, so it is indispensable.

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