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What Are The Advantages of Wear-resistant Copper Bush Castings?
- Jun 29, 2017 -

Wear-resistant copper bushings seem like a very unrealable parts, but it is indispensable in mechanical equipment, this part is generally high-strength brass as a matrix, through the matrix inlaid solid lubricant as a way Lubricating medium made of. With its excellent performance, wear-resistant copper bushing has been successfully replaced by traditional tin bronze copper sets, can be difficult to refuel, long-term oil or oil-free environment.

Since it is known as wear-resistant copper bushings, it is certainly better than other products, wear resistance; and its internal organization is relatively close, there will not be too loose phenomenon, there is no stomatal trachoma. It is also because of this, wear-resistant copper bush castings from the appearance of looks more bright, the color is special.

Wear-resistant copper sleeve also has a characteristic, that is superior corrosion resistance, not only in the atmosphere and fresh water, in some contain dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other elements of fatty acids in the environment, wear-resistant copper bushing can also maintain Good condition.

In the actual application process, the reason why wear-resistant copper bushing does not appear to kill the situation, mainly because of their own more features, even in the absence of lubricants and water quality of the lubricant case, can still carry out the normal work, Slip and self-lubricating properties can still be maintained.

In addition, the wear resistance of wear-resistant copper bushing is also quite good, it is because of its large surface pressure, can withstand the bearing side of the pressure, in the case of high load pressure copper bushing can also operate. In addition, it also has a high hardness and strength, and low cost, contribute to the extension of life.


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