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Welding and Selection of Industrial Copper Tube Castings for Water Pump
- Jan 30, 2018 -

There are many users to ask about the industrial pump brass castings can be welded, our answer is that you can weld, but to choose the right welding. Under normal circumstances, for relatively small walls of industrial copper pump castings can be used argon arc welding, gas welding line


In the industrial copper tube castings for water pump for gas welding, the need to preheat, of course, also consider the selection of MIG welding, TIG welding, hand arc welding. When using copper brazing, you need to cooperate with the flux, such as borax, or silver paste, if the argon arc welding, you need to use argon arc welding wire.


There is usually the choice of industrial copper pump castings, first to carefully identify the quality of the castings, you can observe from its own. With some of the more pointed items in the industrial pump copper castings scratch the surface, if there is a deep line, then the casting material is better, the use of pure copper casting out.


Can also be used in the industrial copper tube castings for water pump in the same way to scrape the inner surface, and then compare the two with each other, if the effect is the same, then industrial copper pump castings overall material is good, on the contrary, It is possible that the texture of the casting itself is impure.


Due to the properties of industrial copper tube castings for water pump, when we force the castings should be relatively easy to bend, as a basis to be able to determine the material is not pure copper or copper itself effect. In short, the selection of industrial copper pump castings must be meticulous.