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Water Pump Copper Tube Production Process and Quality Inspection Project
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Water pump copper tube you should have seen, is a very representative of the copper castings, for this part, in addition to sand casting can be used outside the metal casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and graphite casting and other special Casting method can also make it shape.


If the use of metal casting method to produce water pump copper tube, then you can accelerate the solidification of the alloy to improve the quality of castings to reduce casting defects have a very effective role. Because in the metal casting process, will subdivid the grain, so as to effectively prevent the formation of pores, improve the mechanical properties of the alloy and air tightness.

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Since copper alloy castings such as copper brushes are cylindrical parts, there are many methods of centrifugal casting. If the castings are relatively large, it is recommended to use low-pressure casting methods to increase the density of the alloy and reduce the casting Of the inclusions.


Although only accessories, but the quality of the water pump copper tube will be directly related to the performance of the pump, it must be rigorously tested and qualified to be used when the equipment. On the quality of the pump copper tube is divided into three areas, namely, surface quality inspection, shape inspection and size specifications, and so on.


As a copper casting, the surface quality inspection of the water pump copper tube includes 5B test, salt spray test, anti-UV test, etc .; if the thread on the casting, it must be processed with a fixture, after processing, but also with a dedicated thread Check the thread and thread check to check whether the thread is qualified. If the casting in the actual use of the force will be relatively large, then before the tensile strength test and elongation test.


The water pump copper tube shape and size of the test, to go through flatness, parallelism, straightness, bounce, coaxial and azimuth, and so a series of checks, which is essential for high-precision parts.

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