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Type of heat treatment in precision casting process
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Heat treatment of many different types, their purposes are different, select the appropriate heat treatment in order to get the desired effect. Investment casting is also often involves the process of heat treatment, is used here which kind of heat treatment do?

Heat treatment can be divided into two major categories, class is an organizational construct does not occur through heat treatment or should not change, there are fundamental changes in the organizational structure. The main purpose of the former is to eliminate internal stress in the casting process, and the stress in the casting process of stainless steel in cooling conditions and conditions caused by different, organization, strength, and other mechanical properties do not change significantly because of the heat.

While the latter can be subdivided into several types, their purpose is also different, such as softening annealing is to break down carbon will reduce its hardness and improves processing performance; normalizing is to obtain Pearlite and sorbite improve the mechanical properties of stainless steel casting; quenched hardness or wear strength, and so on.