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To Avoid Contamination of Stainless Steel Castings
- Jun 15, 2017 -

When we use stainless steel castings, we often appear when the anodic oxide film stained with white spots. The reason for this situation is because the stainless steel casting loose, high porosity, containing a variety of metal and non-metallic impurities, so the quality of the oxide film is often more difficult to guarantee. The following Xiaobian to teach you how to avoid the pollution of stainless steel casting method.

 1. High voltage and high current density impact method. That is, in the early stages of oxidation of stainless steel casting parts on the use of high-voltage shock, so that the part has been oxidized by electric shock and then connected into pieces.

2. Surface grinding method. Is to fill the aluminum grinding has been filled with some of the gap left by the oxidation, so that the resulting gap together, as the role of the bridge.

3.Surface shot peening method. Is a round hammer hit the gap, through the beat to make it closed, can be achieved into the film for the purpose.

We have to choose according to the degree of contamination of stainless steel casting parts corresponding to the corresponding method.

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