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The significance and main process of lost wax casting process
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The lost wax casting process has been in existence for a long time. In ancient times, our working people used this process to cast a variety of fine patterns and characters such as Zhong Ding and utensils, such as Zeng Houyi's tomb in the Spring and Autumn Period. These sophisticated patterns are difficult to manufacture using ordinary precision casting processes, and the lost wax casting process is very convenient.


One of the characteristics of the lost wax casting process is that it is flexible in applying the paraffin wax without strength and easy to engrave. With ordinary tools, it can engrave the paraffin-like crafts like the Zenghou Yi tomb, and then attach it. The pouring system, paint, dewaxing, pouring, you can get the exquisite Zenghou Yi tomb.


In general, the process flow of the lost wax casting process is first to suppress the rubber mold, and then in order: open mold, wax injection (mold), wax mold (wax mold), wax tree (weighing), gypsum Tube, gypsum vacuum, natural solidification of gypsum, baking gypsum, molten gold, casting, frying gypsum, rinsing, pickling, cleaning (weighing), shearing blank (rolling).