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The related process flow of the aluminum die castings
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Before introducing the relevant process flow of aluminum die castings, it is necessary to know what aluminum die casting is. Aluminum die casting is a kind of die casting parts. It uses the die casting machine which is installed with the casting mold, then pours the aluminum or aluminum alloy which is heated into the liquid into the material entrance of the die casting machine. After die-casting of the die casting machine, the aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts with limit shape and size are cast.


The process flow of aluminum die casting includes annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. These four processes are called the " four fire" of die casting. In the die casting, the relationship between quenching and tempering is very close, both of them are indispensable.


When the aluminum die casting is processed, the annealing process is to warm the work piece. When heated to the appropriate temperature, according to the different materials selected, the die casting is cooled slowly, and the metal internal organization is expected to be close to the balance.


The normalizing process in the aluminum die casting is to heat the work piece to the appropriate temperature and cool in the air. Being used to improve the cutting function of the material, some parts that don’t need high requirements will finish the die casting.


The quenching process of aluminum die casting is to heat the work piece after heat preservation, and quickly cooling in water or other inorganic salt solution and other quenching medium. After this process, the produced steel will harden, and at the same time, the steel will become crisp. So the process of reducing brittleness is the tempering process.