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The production and size requirements of the fan impeller castings
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Fan impeller castings use profile to porcess the single blade for the turbine wheel with high precision requirements , assembled into a space twisted channel impeller, manufacturing high - speed fan impeller with high precision requirements and complex inner cavity, which can make it have high dimensional accuracy, high surface finish, high mechanical strength and stiffness.

The production of the fan impeller castings

The fan impeller casting mainly uses the metal core box to pour the gypsum mixture, and then it will melt the blade model on the master pattern at a certain temperature, forming the runner cavity of the space curved face, which will support the overall core of the fan impeller. Then the mold with a certain temperature combination is placed in the negative pressure box, and the pouring molding is made under certain negative pressure.

The size requirements of the fan impeller castings

The fan impeller casting adopts the spatial surface mould superimposed to make the fan blade, and then the low pressure pouring will contain Sn-Bi low-melting alloy with Bi 40 %-50 %. The fusible blade model of the master pattern produced by the whole product can cast the liquid plasticinto the required flexible plastic arm corner bar according to the radius size of the arm corner.

The gypsum mixture is poured into the master pattern, after solidification and hardening, and then drying. At the temperature of 150 - 200 ℃, the fusible blade model in the core is melted and the runner cavity is formed to make the whole core. The assembled mold is buried in the sealing box filled with dry sand, the plastic film is covered on the surface, and the vacuum is 0.06 ~ 0.01 MPa negative pressure for casting forming.