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The method of using cast iron chip correctly-- Use of chips in induction furnace smelting (Three)
- Mar 27, 2018 -

When the induction furnace is smelted, the pressed cutting mass is also very suitable. When considering the charge ratio, it is equivalent to the return charge and scrap steel.

Because there is no strong airflow in furnace effect, also can be directly will loose inside the chip with charging, therefore, in this way, more in the actual production induction furnace melting by suppressing mass is less.

Of loose chip for induction furnace, dry, wet loose chip containing cutting fluid, dry the chip clumps and wet chip can be used, but with different state of the chip, the corresponding charging process must be strictly observed. One of the most basic principles is: never allow the cutting of the cutting liquid to contact with the iron liquid directly.

1. Frequency induction furnace.

Whether power frequency induction furnace melting groove type or unintentionally power frequency induction furnace, out of the iron furnace retain a portion of the liquid iron, when the load the furnace charge again, not to join the first loose scraps or briquette containing cutting fluid.

It can be directly added to the iron solution retained in the furnace with the calcined dry cuttings, which can also be added with other furnace materials, and the ratio of it in the charge is not limited.

When used with roasting and loose dry chips, the dosage can be 50% or more of the total amount of the burden. The more commonly used device is to use the screw feeder to ration the material. By installing the discharge tube in the middle of the furnace, the dry chip will be injected directly into the molten iron in the middle of the furnace. When starting to feed, the volume of iron liquid retained in the furnace should not be less than 30% of the capacity of the electric furnace, so as to ensure that the iron liquid can play a better role in energy conversion. When the amount of molten iron in the furnace exceeds 80% of the capacity of the electric furnace, it is not suitable to continue to add the chip, because the mixing of the liquid surface is not enough, and the chip is not easy to melt into the molten iron.

Allis-Chalmers, inc., USES chips in induction furnace smelting equipment as follows:

Chip storage bucket - spiral proportioner - scraper hoist - roaster (600 ~ 800 , reducing atmosphere) - before furnace cooling - the wind sent to storage hopper - screw feeder - discharge tube (pass through the middle of the furnace cover) - furnace with wet mass, can only be added at the top of the other drying furnace charge in contact with liquid iron can completely before removing moisture and grease.

The working frequency induction furnace should not adopt loose wet chip.

2. Medium frequency induction furnace.

In the middle frequency induction furnace, there is no strong airflow, and after each melting, the iron is not retained, so there is a large degree of freedom to be used in the furnace. The loose chip and mass of the cutting fluid can be removed and the loose chip and mass of the cutting fluid can be used, but the measures should be taken to deal with the oil smoke.

When the mass is used, the dosage is not limited, and the way of loading can be compared with the general furnace and scrap steel.

If the chip is placed at the bottom of the furnace when loading, it is not good enough to get the electric energy. If the chip is mounted on the top of the furnace, it is not easy to immerse in the iron solution due to the poor mixing effect. It is best to mix with the back charge and scrap steel in the middle of the furnace, so that the chip is filled in the gap between the return furnace and scrap steel.

In general, the amount of loose chip is 30% of the proportion in the furnace charge, and the amount of chip is too much, which often leads to the increase of slag in the furnace and reduces the melting rate of the electric furnace. If the chip is pretreated properly (for example, roasting in a reducing atmosphere), and equipped with a special feeding device, the dosage can be more.