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The method of using cast iron chip correctly-- Use of chips in the melting of cupola(Two)
- Mar 26, 2018 -

When smelting cast iron with cupola, the burden of the furnace is to be subjected to the effect of strong airflow, so it cannot directly use loose chip. If the chip is pressed into a mass, it can be used as a furnace or scrap steel, and its dosage is not restricted.

Chip mass after joining cupola, before entering the melting zone, over a period of preheating stage, adopt the residue with a small amount of cutting fluid mass, the moisture and grease can removal in the process of preheating, and with the furnace gas discharge, has no impact on the melting process and the liquid iron quality. Therefore, when used in the cupola, the cuttings containing the cutting fluid can be directly pressed into a mass and used as the furnace material without the roasting or other dehumidification treatment.