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The matters need attention in the die-casting process of the aluminium alloy
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Die casting process is a kind of precision casting method which uses high pressure to push metal solution into complex metal mold. In order to better ensure the characteristics of die casting, Hongguang Precision will teach you some attention in the die casting process of aluminum alloy.

The alloying metal used in our daily life has better heat dissipation so it is difficult to form a transient cooling. The shrinkage of the alloy is relatively small, so it is difficult to reduce the shrink of plastic products. Therefore, when designing the die casting processing, do not need to fix the thickness, but to ensure relatively uniform. In addition, our choice of die casting equipment is different, basically can be divided into two categories. One is cold chamber machine, the other is hot cell machine. The cold chamber machine is suitable for copper, magnesium, aluminum and other high temperature alloys, zinc, tin, and lead use the hot cell machine.

At present, die casting processing products in our life have been widely used from the electronic precision parts to the aerospace industry.

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