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The keys controls of the smelting link in the pump casting molding process
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The production technology of the pump casting is the same as other castings, one of the key links is smelting. In order to ensure the molding quality of the pump casting, the various parameters and technological steps in the casting melting process should be controlled, and eliminate all factors unfavorable to the formation of pump casting.


In general, since the pump casting with small thickness is not easy to form ferrite and easy to produce white edge, it can effectively prevent the opening of the thin wall of the pump casting by increasing the Si/C ratio, thereby improving the uniformity, strength and hardness of the casting organization, and can reduce residual stress.


In order to know that the content of carbon in the material is higher, the ferrite in casting iron is increased obviously, which is very disadvantageous to improve the comprehensive performance of the pump casting. Therefore, according to the production test, it is necessary to control the carbon content, when the carbon equivalent is high, it can appropriately improve the manganese content, to stabilize the relevant requirements in this range.


In the smelting of pump castings, the 3t/h two rows distance cupola is usually used for smelting. The raw materials are coke and pig iron, and the 5% ~ 15% steel scrap should be added. However, the thickness of the steel scrap is required to be more than 3mm, the lumpiness should more than 1/5 of the furnace diameter, and rust removal.


At the same time, the degree of the furnace burden is not greater than 1/3 of the furnace diameter. In order to reduce the burning loss of silicon, the iron alloy with lower silicon content is selected as far as possible. In order to ensure the melting temperature, the coke with higher fixed carbon should be selected and the degree of lumpiness is between 90 ~ 130 mm.


In order to obtain the high quality pump casting, considering the increase of the bed coke height and the air volume in smelting, in order to improve the melting rate and control the tendency of melted iron recarburization. At the same time, the carbon content is controlled within the desired range while the high temperature iron solution is obtained.

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