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The inspection of mechanical property of aluminum die castings and transportation storage
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Aluminum die casting can be made into aluminum die casting auto parts, aluminum die casting valve actuating rocker, aluminum die casting electric power fittings, aluminum die casting engine cylinder, aluminum die casting shell, aluminum die casting motor end cover, aluminum die casting automobile engine fittings and other products.

The mechanical property of the aluminum die castings

1. The inspection frequency and inspection requirements should comply with the relevant provisions.

2. When the die casting body is used as the main sample, the size and test form of the cutting parts should be agreed by the supply and demand sides.

3. The ex-factory inspection of the surface quality of aluminum die castings should have detailed documentary investigation, and the inspection results should conform to the provisions of this standard.

4. The surface roughness of the product should be carried out according to the stipulations of GB/T 6060.1, and the surface of the polishing process should be carried out according to the stipulations of GB/T 6060.4.

5. The internal quality test method and inspection rules of die casting can be obtained from destructive inspection test, die casting section and X-ray photos, and the test results need to meet the requirements.

The delivery, packing transportation and storage of the aluminum die castings

The supplier should provide a certificate of inspection, indicating that the inspection of each batch of die castings complies with the requirements of this standard. The qualified die casting should be delivered with a certificate of inspection. The following contents should be specified: Product name, product code, alloy trademark, quantity, delivery status, manufacturer name. Inspection of acceptable marks and delivery time. Those with special inspection items should indicate the conditions and results of the inspection on the inspection certificate.