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The development goal and structure of non-ferrous metal precision castings are reasonable
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Non-ferrous metal precision castings are the leading industry in the industry. To a certain extent, as the representative of the foundry industry in the high-tech field, its precision casting must play its exemplary role and take the lead, but its precision casting must play the role of these two major functions. It is a powerful self, so China's precision casting should be developed with priority, and development requires an established policy and development goals.

Non-ferrous metal precision castings are directly transformed from labor, resource-intensive to technical capital-intensive, and from extensive pollution to green intensive. The quality, variety and quantity of products are comparable to the world's advanced level. The proportion of materials has increased rapidly, and the production efficiency and economic benefits of the entire precision casting factory have doubled. Environmental pollution has been effectively treated, and the Chinese foundry material industry system has been initially established in harmony with the environment.

Non-ferrous metal precision castings effectively form a research and development and education and training base with reasonable structure, high overall level of production, research and research, and can continuously deliver professional talents to enterprises, and continuously develop new varieties of high-quality, high-grade casting materials to meet The growing demand for foundry materials, while gradually increasing the intensity of technology exports.