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The continuous improvement of production technology of the fan impeller casting
- Nov 03, 2017 -

In the past, the fan impeller casting was made in the ordinary way, usually the whole sand core or a number of core block combination of the core, and then cast into the impeller. This method forms the inner cavity of the impeller casting not only the size precision is low, the surface is rough, and can not be processed later, the impeller of the space twisted channel can not be manufactured. There are obvious limitations. 

In order to break this limitation, the fan impeller casting with high precision was produced. People began to use the mold to produce a single blade, and assembled into a impeller with space twisted channel. However, because the impeller is assembled by mechanical parts, its overall mechanical strength and stiffness are low, and can not adapt to the high-speed operation conditions. And its manufacturing process is complex, the production equipment requirements high, especially for single or small batch production costs high. 

It seems that although the accuracy of fan impeller casting has been solved, but we also need to simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the manufacturing costs. In order to realize this point, the original process is improved, and the whole precision casting process of the fan impeller casting is realized. 

The specific investment casting method is to pour the gypsum mixture in the metal core box first, then melt the blade model of the metal core box at a certain temperature, and form the flow channel cavity of the space curved surface, which is used to make the overall core of the fan impeller casting. Then the mold with a certain temperature combination is placed in the negative pressure box, and the pouring molding is carried out under certain negative pressure. 

In contrast, this is a simple, low-cost overall precision casting fan impeller casting process, which can make high-precision of the high - speed fan impeller castings with high accuracy, high dimensional accuracy, high surface finish and high mechanical strength and stiffness.

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