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Stainless steel valve body castings the quality requirements and energy saving production goals
- Sep 18, 2017 -

Stainless steel valve body castings is the control part of the pipeline fluid conveying system. The valve body is mainly used to change the direction of the passage and the flow of the medium. The stainless steel body casting has the function of regulating, throttling, stopping and diversion , Cut-off or overflow relief and other functions. Valve Castings Castings for fluid control.

Stainless steel valve body castings of the welding area although it will go through its non-destructive testing qualified, but when the need for machining, it should be checked about the hardness of the welding area, which to some extent is to eliminate the effect of stress treatment inspection, Valve casting area needs to use the hardness value to identify and detect. Grinding the welding area with a hand-held grinder gently, using a portable Brinell hardness tester hammering three points, the hardness of the weld area and the hardness of the steel itself is compared.

Stainless steel valve body castings in the process of production in order to ensure that the valve casting industry energy-saving goal of the successful completion of the need to do a good job in the implementation of energy-saving access to new enterprises and existing enterprises to take effective energy-saving measures, Backward production capacity, which the existing valve casting business energy conservation work for the top priority in the highly competitive market environment, the valve casting enterprises in order to survive, but also continue to change the development of business ideas, follow the market development, conversion marketing mode.

In order to comply with changes in the modern market, sainless steel valve body castings enterprises are also advancing with the times, with the electricity market coverage increased, the industry is also trying to enter the electricity market, expand the market share, with the tight market and consumption The needs and shopping habits. While maintaining the status of valve castor at the same time, China's valve casting process technology has also been rapid increase, and gradually to the goal of the valve cast forward.

China's stainless steel valve body castings quality has its stringent requirements, the domestic demand for high-quality valve body casting in the rapid increase, such as the rapid development of its automotive industry and the rise of the wind power industry.

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