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Stainless steel pump castings of the unique manufacturing process and the development of means of detection
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Stainless steel pump casting in the production process will have a lot of advantages, the entire product in the design process will be more with its flexibility, stainless steel pump castings can shape and size of the largest choice of freedom, especially complex Shape and hollow parts, and steel castings can be manufactured by a unique process of core castings.

Stainless steel pump castings can be quickly produced according to the drawings can provide rapid response and shorten the delivery time, manufacturers can choose different chemical composition and organizational structure to meet the needs of different projects, the different heat treatment process can choose mechanical properties and can Use this property over a wide range and improve solderability and usability.

Stainless steel pump castings Due to the high reliability of the project, coupled with weight loss design and shorter lead times, it is possible to increase the competitive advantage in terms of price and economy. The product varies in weight over a wide range. There may be only 10 grams of small steel castings , While large steel castings up to several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

Stainless steel pump castings mechanical properties in different directions is not a big difference, more than forged steel parts, its designers in the design of some high-tech products must be in three directions to consider the performance of its materials, so It will directly highlight the advantages of casting.

Stainless steel pump castings the rapid development of one of its important factors is the processing of products in the continuous progress of the requirements of a variety of mechanical properties of the casting better, but still has a good mechanical processing performance, there may be because the mechanical Industry itself and other industries such as chemical, instrumentation and other development, to the foundry industry to create favorable material conditions.

Stainless steel pump castings in the production of such as the development of means of detection, which will be to some extent effective to ensure the quality of the casting to improve the quality and stability, but also to the development of foundry theory to provide the conditions to help people into the metal Microcosm of the world, exploring the mysteries of metal crystals.

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