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Stainless steel pump castings in the application of many benefits in the pump
- Aug 28, 2017 -

As we all know, the pump is a liquid and liquid pressurization of the machinery, it's every part has played an important role, not only lack of their material and quality will be the power of the pump dust is important Impact. In contrast, stainless steel is more practical, so stainless steel pump castings will be so common.

Pumps vary according to their use, and their materials are varied, but because of the general application of the pump environment for the majority of neutral liquid, there are some more special acidic, alkaline, oily and health level of fluid raw materials, Stable performance in the raw material is stainless steel.

stainless steel pump castings

Stainless steel pump castings and use, not only to better apply the pump to different environments, but also improve the utilization of the pump to ensure the effectiveness of the use of pumps. And most of the stainless steel pump castings are made of advanced investment casting process, with easy to clean, high temperature, easy to shape and so on.

In this way, the overall casting stainless steel pump castings cost is cheap, and the production more easy to replace, even for a long time soaked in acid-base solution will not be corroded, this is because the stainless steel pump castings has excellent corrosion resistance, This is also the other material casting can not match the advantages.

Observation found that the surface of stainless steel pump castings is very smooth, but also replace the aluminum alloy impeller for food hygiene level of fluid delivery. With the above advantages, stainless steel pump castings has also become a reference factor in the selection of pumps.

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