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Stainless steel pump casting in-situ runner position and low temperature fast burning
- Jun 26, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the stainless steel pump castings will rapidly solidify to a certain extent in the thick and hot spots formed by the machine casting structure, artificially causing a basic balance of the temperature field of the machine tool castings. The use of internal and external cold iron, local use of heat storage zircon sand, chromite sand or special coatings.

Stainless steel pump casting adopts reasonable process design when it is used. The product in the product runner will be located in the relatively thin wall of the machine tool casting and it will be dispersed for several times. When operating, it will lead to the first metal liquid that enters the thick wall. Solidification, solidification at the thin wall, so that the basic balance of solidification. For a machine tool casting with a uniform wall thickness, multiple runners and vents are used. In sprue, scattered and uniform, so that the overall heat balance. The vents are thin and numerous, which means that the exhaust gas is smooth and has a cooling effect.

Stainless steel pump casting can effectively change the position of its inner runner to a certain extent. When using it, it is very important for the anti-wear product produced by lost foam to be used when it is used. When the operation is performed, chromite sand replaces quartz sand and other sand species with small heat storage and will achieve good results.

In the production process of stainless steel pump castings, the low-temperature rapid firing is mainly used. The entire product is mainly an open pouring system, so that the molten metal can be quickly, steadily, and evenly filled with casting molds. Large, surface hardness ≧ 90, large sand box, is beneficial to eliminate shrinkage.

When a stainless steel pump casting needs a riser, when it first moves a hot riser, it will leave the hot section during operation, and if the riser is placed on a hot section, the riser size must be increased when the operation is performed. Heat up." If not, it will not only shrink and loose, but it will also produce concentrated shrinkage, which will reduce the production rate.

Stainless steel pump casting mold tilt placement and alloying benefits, so that to some extent, eliminate machine tool casting shrinkage defects is a complex understanding and implementation process. The principle of “heat balance” should be taken as the basic principle, scientifically analyzing carcass castings, formulating reasonable process plans, relocating suitable molding materials, tooling, and correct operation and standardization. Then the shrinkage defects of any machine tool casting can be solved.http://www.hongguangcasting.com/