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Stainless steel precision casting of the processing technology
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Working friends in the foundry industry know that the mechanical properties of stainless steel precision casting are higher than cast iron. Usually stainless steel precision casting process can be divided into the following six steps.

1, mold, making and casting shape exactly the same size and slightly larger wax mold.

2, crust, that is, in the wax mold outside the coating refractory coating, sprinkle with sand, and hardened to form a refractory heat shell.

3, stripping, will soon be with a fire-resistant shell of the wax into the 90 ℃ ± 5 ℃ hot water, after 10-20 minutes after the melting of the wax material surfaced, and then remove the shell removed, Hours.

4, roasting, about the shell at 800-900 ℃ ± 30 ℃ baking for two hours.

5, casting. The process should be carried out between 600-800 ° C.

6, wait until the castings after cooling, to clean up, out of the riser.

stainless steel precision casting

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