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Stainless Steel Impeller Castings Casting Process
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Impeller is a very common part of the pump products, this component is basically based on stainless steel castings, and to understand that stainless steel impeller castings is the use of advanced silicon sol precision casting process of manufacturing, whether it is technology Or the quality is quite excellent. The following also focuses on the stainless steel impeller castings every step of the manufacturing process. 

Since it is the production of castings, the first thing to do is to mold, is to produce a stainless steel impeller castings with our appearance exactly the same shape, but slightly larger size of a wax mold. Considering that the metal and the mold material have a certain degree of shrinkage, the size of the wax mold required for the wiping requirement is slightly larger than the size of the casting.

stainless steel impeller castings

And then in the wax mold outside the application of a layer of refractory paint, and sprinkle with sand, so after a period of hardening will form a layer of refractory shell, which is stainless steel impeller castings process in the crushing process. After the completion is followed by stripping, will do a good surface with a fire-resistant shell of the wax into the hot water about 90 degrees, after 15 minutes or so after the wax material will melt and surfaced, which When we just take out the shell to clean, and then naturally dry a few hours on it 

It should be noted that the temperature of hot water to control the appropriate, up and down the range can not exceed five degrees Celsius, if the temperature does not meet the requirements, not only is not conducive to stripping, but also on the stainless steel impeller castings caused adverse effects. In addition, it is necessary to wash and dry the already formed thin shell at this time must be about 860 degrees high temperature uninterrupted roasting for two hours. 

This is the stainless steel impeller castings the key to the entire casting process, the process of the temperature requirements are quite high, do not exceed the allowable range. After the completion of this step is relatively simple and very much, only about 700 degrees under the temperature of the pouring on it 

Wait until the casting of stainless steel impeller castings to complete the cooling down, the shock out of fire-resistant light, and some of the above riser clean up, remove, a close to the perfect stainless steel impeller cast in front of everyone.

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