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Stainless steel impeller casting process
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Stainless steel impeller castings, the product's production requirements, mainly for: stainless steel impeller casting product design and product processing, as well as the development of the mold used in the manufacturing process design and use. In addition, process determination and smooth execution can also be performed based on actual conditions and production requirements to ensure product performance, quality, and use.


Stainless steel impeller castings are very important for the product purchase because they are related to the normal use of the product and its proper function and function, without causing product waste and economic loss due to wrong choice. In the consideration of the purchase of stainless steel impeller castings, there are five production areas, prices, quality, parameters, and manufacturers, which are all important aspects. Therefore, one cannot be omitted.


25Cr-5Ni-Mo-N duplex stainless steel, which can be used in stainless steel impeller castings, and for the specific aspects of the material casting process, melting and heat treatment to determine the reasonable casting process and parameters, etc., are available Good casting results, and at the same time, can also ensure the quality of the castings and their use.


The casting process of the stainless steel impeller casting and the casting process of the volute casting are professionally related. The two are similar and there is no big difference. Moreover, in the casting process of the stainless steel impeller casting, it includes the casting process, the casting system, the feeding system, the outlet hole, and the chilling system. In addition, in the design of the casting process, the design of the three drawings of the casting process drawing, the casting drawing and the casting assembly drawing and the manufacture of the process card are included.