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Stainless Steel Castings Precision Casting Process
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Stainless steel castings process has been widely used in the industry, Xiao Bian to tell us about the stainless steel castings of the casting process which several kinds of precision.

stainless steel castings

1, Due to the contraction of stainless steel castings much more than cast iron, in order to prevent defects in the stainless steel castings, in the precision casting process mostly use riser, iron and subsidies and other measures to achieve solidification.

2, In order to prevent the stainless steel castings shrinkage, shrinkage, pores and cracks, should make the wall thickness uniformity, to avoid sharp and right angle structure, in the mold with sand in the sawdust, coke in the core, and the use of Hollow core and oil core, etc. to improve its concession and permeability.

3, Stainless steel castings high melting point, the corresponding pouring temperature is also high. High temperature molten steel and mold material interaction, easy to produce sticky sand defects. Therefore, the use of refractory high artificial quartz sand to do the mold, and in the casting surface brush by the quartz powder or zirconia powder made of paint.

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