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Specific requirements of aluminum alloy fan impeller castings
- Dec 15, 2017 -

The basic requirements of the runner is that there cannot be burr and other problems in the production process of aluminum alloy fan impeller castings. If there are these problems, the quality and use effect of the casting will be affected. Appropriate process measures should be adopted according to the working conditions to obtain good quality castings.


Common types of aluminum alloy in aluminum alloy fan impeller castings  are generally Al-Si system, Al-Cu system, Al-Mg system and Al-Zn system. On the label, the domestic uses the ZL + 3 digital marking method.

1. Al-Si system

The silicon content is 4 %-13 %. It has the advantages of good casting performance, low shrinkage, good corrosion resistance, welding performance and mechanical performance.

2. Al-Cu system

Appear earlier.It is characterized by high strength and good thermal stability. But it is relatively poor in the casting performance and corrosion resistance. However, after solid solution treatment, the solid solution can be supersaturated, and further, the aging strengthening effect can be obtained.

3. Al-Mg system

The main advantages are high density, high strength, good corrosion resistance and good air tightness. In addition, adding silicon and manganese into the alloy can improve the flowing property of the alloy, and further improve the use effect of aluminum alloy fan impeller casting.