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Smelting process and holding time of stainless steel investment casting
- Nov 14, 2018 -

In the process of casting, stainless steel investment casting needs to fully consider the structure, shape, large size, wall thickness and transition of the casting, which affect the liquid and solid shrinkage of the casting, and select appropriate process parameters to prevent shrinkage and other shrinkage. defect. The design of the pouring riser system of the casting should be reasonable. If the cold iron and other technological measures are to be adopted, the place to be placed should be reasonable, and the compactness of the internal structure of the casting should be ensured, and the stress concentration should be avoided as much as possible.

In the smelting process of stainless steel investment casting, the content of harmful elements such as P and S is reduced as much as possible, and the contents of gases such as N, H and O and inclusions are reduced. By using a low-phosphorus steel intermediate alloy, it can be very effective.

The investment casting of stainless steel can extend the holding time of the casting in the sand type to a certain extent, mainly by controlling the unpacking temperature below 70 °C, ensuring that the casting fully completes the liquid and solid shrinkage in the sand type, avoiding stress concentration caused by external force factors. The situation occurred in precision casting. In the process of falling sand cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to water the sand mold and the casting when punching. It is strictly forbidden to use the strong external force impact method such as the collision box to drop the sand to avoid the external force and the internal stress of the casting to form cracks.