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Simple stress points in the casting process of copper
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Copper is a very common copper castings, also often use in the life of this product, in order to be able to show a good performance, the product also exercise caution when casting. For copper this copper castings, the attention in the process.

Copper is a good casting material, because it has a good casting performance and machinability and corrosion resistance also has a prominent role, used to casting bushing fits. In every aspect of the cast, however, have to be thoroughly cleaned Gan to avoid residues are affecting the next operations.

Pre-coated casting copper need, in this process, it is necessary to ensure that individual components can achieve the same effect, such as coat color, surface defects, and so on. Addition is about the dimensions of the product calculated dimensions between the actual processing of dimensions and there will definitely be some errors, but it must be controlled within prescribed limits.